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Water leaks that go undetected or remain neglected such as burst pipes, roof leaks and blocked storm water drains can cause untold damage to property. If left, these leaks will lead to an expensive repair bill.

Burst Pipes

What is a burst water pipe? A burst water pipe can be visible or can be in a concealed location. When a pipe bursts in a concealed location, the first sign maybe a high water bill.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be obvious and require emergency repair. Other roof leaks can appear as a stain on your ceiling and this is a sign of moisture. To avoid your roof leaking in a storm we recommend regular roof maintenance such as yearly gutter and downpipe cleaning. This removes all leaves and debris that can cause overflowing gutters and leaks.

At Chester Plumber we also supply & install all types of roofing, downpipes & gutters.


Is your tap leaking or dripping? This is a sign of a worn internal part such as tap valve or mixer cartridge. We service, repair, replace and install all types of leaking taps. This includes kitchen & basin mixer taps, veggie spray taps, hand shower taps, garden taps and water saver devices. Our technicians carry a large range of spare parts and also carry new kitchen and basin mixer taps.


Is your toilet running on? Can you hear it constantly filling? This is a sign your cistern is due for a service. If left will lead to costly water bills.. Your running cistern can be fixed with no leaks in no time at all.


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