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When the cooler weather is upon us, it's time for your heater to have its 12 month service. This will ensure heating efficiency and warmth throughout winter. Call Chester Plumbing Maintenance to book this service on 01244 328 095.

Your gas heater isn't? Firstly check if the pilot light is on if it has one. If your gas heaters pilot light is not on, follow the lighting instructions safely. If you can't get your pilot light started or if it's on but your unit is not heating, call Chester Plumbing for help on 01244 328 095.

Danger! Does your heater make you feel sleepy or do you experience itchy eyes or a sore throat when it's in operation? This is a sign that carbon monoxide is present and this issue should be addressed immediately. Our Gas technician can carry out a CO2 test to check if your heater is faulty. Call Chester-Plumbing NOW on 01244 328 095.

Chester- Plumbing carry out a CO2 test with every heater service

Our specialised gas technician will diagnose your heaters problem fast and efficiently and we carry diagnostic equipment for most makes


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